Welcome to Glen Avenue Elementary

Glen Avenue Elementary is located in Eastern Wicomico County.  Our school services students in grades 2, 3, 4,and 5.  

We are pleased to announce that Glen Avenue School will be  participating again in the 
Community Eligibility Provision Program. This program offers every student attending Glen Avenue a FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCH

Our hard-working, caring, and supportive staff work collaboratively to create a positive and engaging learning environment for all of students.  Our teachers utilize best practices to ensure students are receiving quality instruction which results in success for every child, every day.


Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events:

Bookmobile:  February 9th
The Wicomico County Public Library's Bookmobile will be visiting our school on Friday, November 10.  Applications were sent home the second week of school.  If your child is interested in visiting the Bookmobile then please fill out the application and return to school. 

Art Integration/PTA Night: February 15th

Exciting things are on the way to Glen Avenue!  Students and teachers are looking forward to our Second Annual Arts Integration week from February 5th – 9th.  Throughout this week, students will be learning about different styles of art from around the world, in conjunction with topics covered in Reading, Math and Social Studies. 

     On Thursday, February 15th from 5:30 to 7:00pm we will host a Family Gallery Walk. Families are invited to visit our school to see all the beautiful works of art.  You will get to see everything from African inspired Adinkra clothe and pottery, to block printing in the Asian tradition, and more. 

     The cafeteria will be filled with student work highlighting the regions they have been studying.  Please join us to in celebrate using the art to enhance instruction, and the talents of our students and staff.

Jump Rope for Heart - February 23rd & 26th

Jump Rope for Heart is scheduled for Feb. 23 and Feb. 26, 2018.  Since we are in the middle of winter, this date could change if we get any more snow.  If this occurs your child will be notified. The American Heart Association promotes a heart healthy lifestyle.  They work with kids, families, and communities by educating them on how to live  a heart healthy life. The American Heart Association recommends healthy eating and taking part in daily physical activities.  Make February the month your family starts to incorporating a more heart healthy lifestyle.  The American Heart Association says a person is never too young or too old to take care of your heart.  Use the link below to make donations on behalf of Glen Avenue School.